Wanny Scarpa


His abiding passion has always been motorcycle trials at the tender age of just 13, he was actually the youngest ever participant in an outdoor event in Sardinia. As an adult, he became a globetrotter...

Francesco Mura


BellaBiking Founder and Tour Organizer

As a child, Francesco developed a love for cycling by riding around the local area. The many hours spent in the saddle embedded this passion deeply within him. He...

Maurizio Gaio


Maurizio Gaio, Italian National Mountain Bike Academy Guide

#Hurricane Maurizio is an enthusiastic cyclist who loves to make the most of every excursion. An amusing, engaging character, blessed with a ...

Pier Merlin


Heres a little about me: my name is Pier Merlin #Memabike to my friends and I was born and raised in Bressanone, in the South Tyrol region of Italy, then I lived for 20 years overseas, taking in Mun...

Simona Puddu


Everybody knows that Sardinian women are tough cookies, and Id like to let you see Sardinia through the eyes of a woman one who is enamoured of a land that is untainted, magical, sometimes wild and s...

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